The question:
I am looking for a radio to use hunting. Marine Radios are cheap and powerful. Can't I just use one of those when hunting?

The answer:
NO! It is VERY illegal.

From the FCC website:

Prohibited Communications YOU MUST NOT TRANSMIT --
False distress or emergency messages.
Messages containing obscene, indecent, or profane words or meaning.
General calls, signals, or messages on channel 16, except in an emergency
or if you are testing your radio (these are messages not addressed to a particular station), or

When your ship is on land (for example, while the ship is on a trailer).


(1) OK let's reason this thing out...if you have a marine radio mounted in your truck, it IS NOT in a "ship".
If your truck was designed to be driven on land, not water, so it is "on land".
Therefore, having a marine radio mounted in your truck is ILLEGAL!

(2) If you are carrying a marine handie talkie, and you are not in a boat that is in the water, and not walking on water, then you are "on land".
Therefore, having the marine handie talkie is ILLEGAL!

(3) No one will ever know...really? Get on the right frequency, and the COAST GUARD WILL KNOW and they do have ways to pinpoint where your transmission comes from.

And last but not least:
(4) But what if I am duck hunting from my boat? Then it's legal, right? Well, depends on what the communications are. If you are having valid marine related communications with another boater, boat dock, lock master, Coast Guard, etc, yep, you're legal. But...if you are telling your buddy up stream "The ducks are a comin' your way!" then YOU ARE ILLEGALLY USING A MARINE RADIO!

What can I do?
Well you can try these.

Citizen Band... Radio Service
FRS... Family Radio Service
MURS... Multi User Radio Service
GMRS... Radio Service
With all services ... Stay safe. Please check the current FCC rules and regulations for the legal operation of each service.
You can find links on our (Personal Radio Services Info) page