12/11/17 70cm REPEATER TESTING Finding it necessary to periodically test the McMinn County Amateur Radio Club 70cm (440) repeaters, the following protocol has been established. A roll call net will be conducted on the second Thursday of each month at 2030 hours. (8:30 PM) Three repeaters will be tested sequentially beginning with 441.800 (Starr Mountain), then 442.275 (Athens) and finally 443.275 (No Pone). The roll call will be called first of those members of the McMinn County Amateur Radio Club Net Committee. Then any amateur radio operator will be invited to check in. A two minute break will then ensue to allow time to change to the next sequential repeater as described above and the same procedure will follow as described above. During check-ins, necessary relays will be provided by net members only. The net will then be closed and the frequencies will be returned to normal amateur use. The net control operator shall keep a log of check-ins and necessary relays as required on each repeater. This protocol may be changed as circumstances require.