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ARRL School Club Roundup: 1300Z, Oct 15 to 2359Z, Oct 19 For more info go to

Hamfest Chattanooga 2018 is scheduled for Saturday, October 20, 2018 at Camp Jordan Arena in East Ridge, Tennessee.

10.01.2018 From Steve K4SRR As many of you know, we have been attempting to perform an accurate inventory of all equipment and property of the McMinn County Amateur Radio club. As such, we want to reach out to all the past and present club members and respectfully request if they have or know the location of any club property, to please let us know so that an accurate inventory of all our "stuff" can be made. We do not have an accurate inventory, thus we do not have an accurate insurance policy covering all of our equipment. If you know the location of any club equipment or property, would you please document those items in a letter or an e-mail and submit that information to me or any club officer? Understand, this is not any type of accusation, at all, of missing stuff, we simply need to know what we have and where it is located! This is also needed so the club can move forward to develop long-range infrastructure planning and thus funding needs so we can build and improve for the future as well as dispose of any unneeded equipment or material. We would request that this information be supplied no later than January 1, 2019, so our club can continue to move forward as we start the new year. Please contact me with any questions. Thanks in advance for your help.

Steve Rickerson K4SRR Vice President, MCARC