MCARC MiniBlog

2-17-19 The First Annual First Responders Cup Golf Tournament sponsored by the McMinn County Amateur Radio Club is scheduled for May 17, 2019. We need sponsors for the event of course. A list of potential sponsors is available for review. Please look over the list and pick an entity to contact if you possibly can. Some of these potential sponsors are already picked so make certain you check the list before contacting them so duplicate visits are avoided. Please provide feed back information once a contact is made so we don't have multiple club members trying to pursue the same potential vendor. Also available is a Golf Tournament Flyer and a sponsor letter that can be given to a potential sponsor that gives details about MCARC and the need for the tournament. There is also a receipt document. To obtain digital copies of these documents of which printed material can be made, contact. Steve, K4SRR,, Gary, W3GME, or Bill, W4WPL, It is hoped that all MCARC members become involved in the effort to find sponsors for this event. Only through your help will our club be able to honor the First Responders as well as help provide funds needed for club projects and infrastructure improvements. Bill W4WPL

2-17-19 The net committee met on 2-16-19 Discussion Points
1) The new repeaters authorized by the club for purchase will be in next week, and will replace old repeaters that are not working.
2) Donations from club members, to help pay for the repeaters are welcome and appreciated. A golf tournament is planned for May, and should add additional revenue. A club roster/disaster planning booklet is being planned for the fall. The objective is to have money available to keep our equipment operational and up to date.
3) The possibility of a digital club sponsored net was discussed. More interest and training are necessary before this can be a reality.
4)The net committee is open to new members. Anyone interested in being a net control station should contact any member on the committee. Only those members who call the net will have voting privileges. Members who call the net and have voting privileges at this time include:
Bill W4WPL
Chris KM4OTL
Cliff W4TZD
Michael KM4EZP
Gary W3GME
Kenny KN4FIH
Steve W4SRR
5) The next net meeting is set for 4-27-19, 0800 at Shoney?s. Respectfully submitted Doc KK4STW

2-12-19 MCARC participated in the Etowah City School?s Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (STEAM) program.The activity highlights local examples of science, engineering and technologies for students and their families in an effort to stimulate student interest in those areas of learning and potentially careers in those fields.MCARC?s 13 year old amateur radio operator, Kenny KM4FIH, as well as older ?Hams? from the Club demonstrated a wide array of radio technologies for the students.

Numerous MCARC members participated also in the National Weather Service?s Skywarn Training class held at the McMinn County Sheriff?s office in preparation for this year?s storm season. Thanks to all who participated and serve as severe weather spotters in order to help protect and keep their McMinn County neighbors safe during adverse weather. Gary W3GME

2-12-19 From Doc: The discussion topic for the 2 meter net on 2-18-19 will be, Is there a need to take vitamin supplements? You might wonder the connection between vitamins and ham radio. The answer is simple, the longer you are healthy, the longer you will be able to enjoy ham radio. Happy Valentines Day to all. Doc KK4STW

2-12-19 Dalton Hamfest Feb. 23 For more info check The Hamfest Calendar.