March 2019 Edition


March 11, 2019

President Gary Eiff called the meeting to order.

Mike Farmer lead the prayer

Chris Nunley lead the pledge

Roll call 21 present

VP Steve Rickerson: Hamfest is coming up soon and we will need committee 
members to help plan and members to run it. Deferred till later an 
update on the golf tournament.

Secretary Chan Patrick asked if there were any corrections or additions 
to the minutes, afterwards the minutes were accepted. Treasurer 
Mary Ann Eiff was absent so the secretary the treasurers report from 
February 2018. 39 paid members currently. Motion to accept treasurers 
report passed.

Vice-presidents report:Several people that were on the hamfest committee 
last year are no longer in the club and needing more people to help serve 
on the committee for this years upcoming hamfest.

Presidents report:The first repeater is paid for and going up at 
Starr Mountain and the old one going up at No Pone, now taking donations 
for the second repeater, still needing committee members to help 
serve on committees

Old business: APRS workshop was well attended, and will probably have 
another one in the near future. Bill said we have had great response to 
asking for donations for the golf tournament but still only halfway to 
our goal. Also possibly having a rolling sponsor on a tv for all the 
sponsors. Gary said that the police department might possible want their 
room back, but we are working on a solution to keep it.

New Business: The executive committee met with the MCEOC about possible
combining back into the MCEAC, the Sheriff may want to increase the ham
watch, Bob asked for any pictures of the club that are to be upload to 
Facebook to be sent as a jpeg or text file

The meeting was adjourned.

The presentation for the evening was presented by Reed Clayton about 
hams being able to contact the International Space Station.


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Till next month, 73, and Gud DX!