October 2017 Edition


October 9th 2017
30 Present 2 Guest

President, Don Morelan, (KE4BMQ) called the Meeting order.
Secretary, Michael Elkins (W1ELK) Read the minutes for September, 11th and it passed. 
(Herb made a motion to except and it passed)
Treasure Cliff Blackburn (W4TZD) read the Treasurers Report, for September, 11th we 
had a beginning balance of $3928.44 with a check written to Michael Elkins for 22.29 
and a check written to CE Communications for 1804.93 with an ending balance of 
$2101.22 and $97.69 in petty cash and it passed. (Thomas made a motion to except and it passed)
55 Members
Repeater Committee.  Tracy Carter,
Darris reported that the 443.275 repeater is weak and the 442.275 is messing with the 147.060 
and the 146.490 simplex and Don Shane said he would get with Tracy and work on the problem. 

Website Committee,  Darris Goforth, 
Darris updated the home page to make it easier to work on.
Programs Committee, Darris Goforth,     
Darris said he had some upcoming projects. 
Activity Committee,
Darris is going to take over this committee.

Public Relations Committee. Bob Miller.
Ham Fest Committee, Phil Prichard.
Phil said he was not in favor of doing a second Ham Fest but if anyone wanted to oversee this it was fine with him.

Nominating Committee, Glen Moses, 
Michael Elkins reported that the election was next month and that he would  be getting with Glenn Moses and 
Gary Henderson and working to get more candidates. Doc Holliday said he would run for President and Bill Luecken 
would run for Vice President.

School Station Committee, Josh Haire 
Mike Ray is going to try to help with getting someone from the school to sponsor a club at the McMinn Central station.  

Ham Watch Committee. Cliff Blackburn
Cliff said the committee met and there will be no exercise at the mini field day and they had looked at the banner 
for next year and they would the logo that Darris had drawn up and the Sheriffs Office would fund it. Dale asks 
if everyone was signed up for the emergence notification. Phil has cards with instructions on how to do so.
Club Net Committee, Doc Holliday 
Michael said to remember the nets on Monday Tuesday and Saturday
Trailer Committee. Bill Luecken. 
Bill said he would have the trailer at the mini field day and Darris would bring a digital station and there is 
2 radio contest going that weekend.
Old Business
The club call sign KM4RAX has been canceled. 
New Business. 
Phil has been appointed as the director of RACES by Tom Trotter and sky warn is still in operation.            
Mini field day is the 21st and 22ed at Bill Luecken place and there will be food, music and radio communication 
going on so bring a chair and a camper or tent and enjoy the festivities.
The club voted to let a group of hams in Meigs Co use our 145.150 repeater to do an emergency net as long 
as it does not interfere with our club nets at any time and the Net committee would be in charge of all the 
details in this matter.
Danny Jones said that it is a big help to have the weather net in a time of bad weather because it helps 
the McMinn county Sheriffs office with valuable info they can use. 
Don and Thomas made a motion to adjourn and it passed. 



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Club Events See http://www.mcminnarc.com/events.html

Till next month, 73, and Gud DX!