June 2018 Edition


Mcminn County Amateur Radio Club, Meeting minutes for June 11th 2018

24 present
44 members.

Officers report
President Danny Jones KK4SKU called the meeting to order.

Prayer Request was made for Mr. and Mrs. Evan Ray, Buck Sneed, Don Morelan, 
Sid and Tammy and the Brown family.
We had rollcall, the pledge of allegiance to the American flag and prayer.

Michael Elkins read the minutes for May 13th and it passed.

Cliff Blackburn read the treasures report for May 13th, we had a beginning 
balance of $2408.75 with a deposit of $640.00 and we paid out $900 for a 
new repeater $765.90 to HRO for Hamfest prizes and $26.34 for the webpage 
domain with an ending balance of $1356.49 and $101.00 in petty cash.
Cliff reminded everyone that you have to be a paid member to make motions or vote.
Vice presidents report
Mike Farmer is doing a training for tech licenses see Mike Farmer for info.
Steve is doing a directory for club members each member will get an email 
with everyones phone number and email and it will not be posted on the website.
Our Hamfest is July 21 everyone please talk it up as much as possible.

Repeater committee.

Website committee
Darris has renewed the website

Programs committee

Activity Committee.
Debbie talked about the club Communication trailer being used with the 
Boy Scouts Twilight camp a couple of hours in the evening of June 18 19th 
and Bill said he would have the trailer there and Danny Jones, Dale Williams 
and David and Kenny Kirksey Has volunteered to help with that. We also need 
people on their radios to talk to the Boy Scouts who are going to be trying 
to make contacts on the radio, there will be 45 to 60 Boy Scouts at this 
event and we need to make communication with them and make this a fun event for them.

P R Committee,
Ham Fest Committee.
School station committee.
Club net committee.
Club trailer committee.

Old business.

New business.
Our field day will be held at Bill Luecken farm in Delano Tn the previous 
site at the park is booked up so we will camp out and play radio at Bills.
President Danny Jones would like to go after a federal grant and has talk 
to her lawyer and the lawyer is willing to get the paperwork for us to fill 
out and we need to have a 501(c)(3) to get the grants but the lawyer 
said to go ahead and file for the grant and Danny would like to get a 501(c)(3) 
for the club.
Mike Farmer Made a motion to college vote to allow Danny to move forward 
with the grants and the 501(c)(3) and it passed.
Danny said we have some of the best communications anywhere around and we 
need to move forward in building the club and making it even better.
Danny said we need a mission statement and Steve and Gary will put something 
together to present to the club.
Darris said that Miss Guthrie had got into contact with him about the pumpkin 
run which will be September 29, 2018 and asked if our club wanted to participate 
in communication for the event Bill made a motion to do the communications for 
the pumpkin run and it passed.
Tom Trotter has said that we could move our antenna at no pone from the tower 
it is on to the tower that is controlled by him which is a better spot.
Debbie made a motion to put our new repeater at the AUB site and AUB will give 
us access to Wi-Fi.
Cliff said that we need to put a table at our ham fest and let club members 
bring radios that they would like to donate to the club for the club to sale 
for a fundraiser everyone thought it was a great idea and we just need one 
person at the table at all times.

Debbie made a motion to adjourn it passed.


See http://www.mcminnarc.com/festcalendar.html
Club Events See http://www.mcminnarc.com/events.html

Till next month, 73, and Gud DX!