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Date: 5-27-18
Your Item Here.

   Hi. I am Norris Gaynor KS4EJ. Im leaving the hobby after many years. Would you kindly distribute this list of 
   equipment I have for sale that might be of interest to one or more of your members? If you are not the correct 
   person to contact with regard to your organization, I would appreciate your forwarding this to that person. 
   All equipment is in first-rate condition or I would NOT sell it to a fellow ham radio operator. Smoke free home; 
   protected from dust; all are very realistically priced. Transceivers are connected & can be tested at my house
   where I can demonstrate their workability. Im in North GA in SE Cherokee County. Please call afternoons 
   or evenings (770.205.6273). NOTE: We screen our calls so leave your name & number. We will pick up if we 
   are home or call you when we return. Email is Thanks & 73s. Norris Gaynor

Note: Items sold have been removed!

3.       Cushcraft R-9 Vertical Antenna (6 thru 80M including warc bands.) WITH fiberglass mast & about 50ft coax. $175 Sale Pending
4.       Approximately 50ft, Free Standing Rohn Tower WITH Force 12, 6-Element Yagi (10, 15, 20M) WITH Ham IV 
         Hy-Gain Rotator. Tower sanded & repainted one yr ago. Its stable & secure. Sold as package only. NOTE:
         Buyer must take down & is responsible for disassembly, property damage & personal injury. 
         Owner assumes no responsibility nor liability. Reduced to $300
5.       Daiwa Model CN801 SWR Power Meter.  HP Type, 20 watts to 2 KW. 1.8-200 MHZ. $90
6.       Alinco Power Supply Model 300 MN WITH one of two (2) Kenwood 440S Autotune Transceivers 
         WITH Daiwa Model CN 801 SWR Power Meter WITH Low Pass Filter. Full power out; flat SWR. 
         Preferably sold as a package. Reduced to$475
7.       Ameritron ALS 1300 Solid State Amplifier (no tuning required) WITH matching Power Supply 
         (Amp is less than 2 yrs. old. Substantiate price on Google. I found new ALS price range is $2395 from 
         Gigaparts to $2899 from Ameritron) WITH Ameritron ARB-704 Buffer between exciter (Kenwood 440S Autotune) 
         transceiver & amplifier WITH Daiwa Model CN 801 SWR Power Meter WITH Low Pass Filter. Full power out; 
         flat SWR. Amp and related equipment have had extremely limited use. Exceptional package offer. 
         Reduced to $1800
8.       Two (2) Kenwood MC60 Microphones. $90 each
9.       One (1) Kenwood MC80 Microphone. $65



12.      Antique Gonset lunch box Xceiver. 6M AM WITH Astatic Microphone D104.  Being sold for
         parts but it may work.  Everything lights up. I have no antenna nor dummy load to test it.  
         Supposed to put out approx. 22 to 25 watts. Belonged to my father-in-law, a silent key K1GZC. Best offer

14.      Two (2) Kenwood Handheld Microphones WITH up/down control to change frequencies. $20 each


16.      GSRV Jr Fiberglass Mast WITH about 50ft Coax. Purchased seven months ago.  $175
17.      Odds & Ends. Mostly connectors, cables, short length connectors (can handle 1500 watts), 
         cables WITH connectors.  To be negotiated

NOTES: Numbers 6 & 7 above are sold to hams interested in package offer. I am currently reluctant 
to break up these packages as each is an outstanding value. However, consideration will be given to 
selling items separately but package price is lower when combined than if equipment were to be sold separately.
  If sold separately in #6:
  Alinco Power Supply $90
  Kenwood Autotune 440S $430
  Daiwa 801 SWR Power Meter $90
  Low Pass Filter $35

  If sold separately in # 7:
  Ameritron AMP/1300 Power Supply $2,000
  Ameritron Buffer between Xceiver & Buffer $50
  Daiwa CN 801 SWR/power meter $90
  Low Pass filter $35
  Kenwood 440S Autotune $430

Date:06.03.2018 Your Item Here. 

From Norris Gaynor KS4EJ Good afternoon. Because one ham could not buy this package at the last minute (from Alabama, he had personal problems arise), I only have one package left for sale. It includes a Kenwood 440S Autotune transceiver PLUS an Alinco power supply model 300MN PLUS a Daiwa CN801 SWR Meter (20 watts to 2 KW) PLUS a MFJ Low Pass Filter PLUS a Kenwood MC60 microphone. I am also including a DX Engineering external speaker. Works great and cosmetically perfect. Smoke free environment, protected from dust very realistically priced at $475 for the package. We are located in SE Cherokee County in North Georgia, about one hour north of Atlanta. Please call 770.205.6273. Thanks, Norris Gaynor KS4EJ

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